About Us

Rising health care costs. Limited, expensive coverage options. Suffocating, rushed enrollment periods. Uncertainty about the future. These issues effect ALL, and MN Benefits is committed to helping our clients face them head on. Founded by veteran agent Grant Rockwood MN Benefits is the premier health insurance brokerage and client advocacy group in Minnesota. By offering plans from ALL active carriers in MN, we can commit to finding the solution that is best for you.

Grant Rockwood

A licensed agent since 2011 Grant is focused on what’s best for the client, bottom line. If an agent is only offering products from a few (or worse, 1) carrier, how can they make a similar proclamation? They can’t. Grant knows the importance of being contracted with ALL active carriers in Minnesota.  His educational background includes a Bachelors in Business Administration from UW-Eau Claire and an MBA-Finance from Saint Cloud State. Grant enjoys volunteering in his Minneapolis neighborhood, officiating high school basketball and lacrosse and being an active Realtor in the metro.